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If you have a Home Based Business, Internet Business, Small Business, Network Marketing Business, Software Vendor, MLM, Communication Business, Any Kind of Business, you need the ability to accept Major Credit Cards.

The future of your business could depend on your  "Merchant Service Account"
· 80% of the world buys products and services on credit.
· 87% of all Internet customers use credit cards and businesses lose sales    
             over 60% of the time if they don't accept credit card payment !
·The ability to accept credit cards WILL DETERMINE the level of your   
             company's online success.

 Wouldn't it make sense for you to open your own account NOW?

Increase Sales With 4 Powerful Words
'We Accept Credit Cards'
Get Your
- With Terminal And Website With E-Commerce
Shopping Cart-
Plus, Get A FREE ComputerCellular Business, or $500.00 Rebate.  Application
FREE  Desktop  Computer
Get this package
including the Desktop Computer
FREE Prepaid Cell Phone /Pager & Business
$500 Rebate [equal to 10 monthly payments ]
Anyone With A Copy Of CHECKMAN, 
A Computer, And A Printer Can Legally Accept Checks Right Over The Phone! 
Use Your Phone Or Fax! 
     "Starting taking checks by the 
     Fax, Phone, or WebForm today!"
            it's only $39.95 Total +S/H
and a low $99 per month
All Credit Approved
Computer,& Money for 
NURIT 2085
ID# 185001 
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